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“Since having chair massage at our workplace, it’s amazing to see the difference in our employees – they are much happier! Thank you for a great job every time.”
- Kit Neil,
Sales Representative,
The Cruise Professionals


Booking is easy with us!

Tell us when, where, what services you would like, and for how long, and we will take care of virtually everything else!


We have sign-up sheets and all the promotional materials you will need.

When to Book

This depends on the size and location of your event. Smaller events in large cities can normally be arranged within two days notice. For larger, more remote, or multiple location events we appreciate a minimum of two weeks notice.


A three hour minimum booking is required for most of our services at workplaces and special events. Although the minimum duration of a visit will vary on your location and type of service and event.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid cancellation charges, please notify us at least 4 days prior to your scheduled massage/wellness day or event.

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