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We invite you here to read what some of our clients say about their experience with our team at Pathway To Bliss.

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Corporate / Workplace Testimonials

“Pathway To Bliss did a great job providing us with chair massage at work! Everyone who took advantage of the service, raved about how wonderful they felt afterwards. The staff of Pathway To Bliss was very professional - prompt, well organized, flexible, and super friendly. Pathway To Bliss will be my first choice for any future needs.”
- Gord Weber, Sales Representative, Oakville Today

"...You are the best! What an awesome feeling — I was so relaxed and you won't believe this, my arm has not hurt or gone to sleep on me since you did that massage. This is the first time in almost two years that I have been absolutely pain and tingling free — THANK YOU!"
- Janice Haney, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Securit

“...Sitting in front of a computer all day, brings on stress and muscle tension and it truly is a treat to look forward to this much needed massage break. After the massage you can see how relaxed and refreshed our employees are. I highly recommend companies to consider adding chair massage to their work environment. I value and appreciate the convenience it brings to my life!”
- Aida Vincelli, Vice President, The Cruise Professionals

“We loved the contribution which Pathway To Bliss brought to our company during our Wellness afternoon. We received great massages! And through their Lunch and Learn presentation, we learned a great deal about our body and stress and how to practice self management on a regular basis. Everyone felt relaxed and rejuvenated. It was great and very professional!”
 - Lou Bodnar, Vice President, 2R Services

“We loved the chair massages Pathway To Bliss provided us with! An amazing addition to any company's wellness program.”
- Employees from Jag Communications Inc.

“I just wanted to let you know how much my staff loved the massages that I had booked with you. I always look for different ways to thank my staff for a “job well done” and I couldn't have picked a better treat than a stress relieving massage. Each and everyone of them said that you knew the right spots to work on, and were able to get rid of the knots in their back or shoulder. Once again thank you and we all look forward to seeing you again.”
- Martha Weber, Region Coordinator, Investors Group

“In my position of Marketing Manager, the fast-pace and stressful environment of my job impacts my physical well-being. Since I have utilized the on-site massage services of Pathway to Bliss, it has dramatically decreased the tension felt in my back and neck, enabling me to cope much better with everyday life. I highly recommend anyone to hire Pathway to Bliss!”
- Cindy Porter, Marketing Manager, Burlington Economic Development Corporation

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Special Event Testimonial

“We have booked Pathway to Bliss for two consecutive years and the staff LOVE IT!! We have an annual employee appreciation week and this event is a sure thing. 10 minute sessions and the staff feel rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to go back to work with motivation. We get comments like “when is the next massage event?” and “can I go twice?” It's a great way to promote good health to your staff and a great way to make them feel like the work they do is appreciated. We highly recommend this service for any company."
- V. K., Manager, Hotel in GTA

“My thanks to you and your team, they were great. I was told it was one of the best employee party yet and the massage team was a great asset.”
- Alexandria Daley, Executive Assistant, Redpath Sugar Ltd.

“Thanks so much to you and your team for doing massages at our conference. It was greatly appreciated by everyone who had one.”
- W. Kristensen, Director of Programs, MADD Canada


Golf Tournament Testimonials

“I had been suffering with a sore neck for a few weeks, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to perform at my best at a big golf game I had coming up. After a chair massage session with one of the staff from Pathway to Bliss, I was rejuvenated and pain-free, and I went out and had my best round in over a decade!"
- Lars Melander, General Manager, Metroland/ Oakville Today

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Lunch and Learn Testimonials

“We brought Pathway to Bliss into our Cadbury office and they did a great presentation on the benefits of massage and taking care of oneself. Thank you for a job well done!”
- Cathy Kaddie, Executive Assistant, Cadbury

“We loved the contribution which Pathway To Bliss brought to our  company during our Wellness afternoon. We received great massages! And through their Lunch and Learn presentation, we learned a great deal about our body and stress and how to practice self management on a regular basis. Everyone felt relaxed and rejuvenated. It was great and very professional!” 
- Lou Bodnar, Vice President, 2R Services

“I attended one of Inga’s evening learning sessions. I was impressed with the way she demonstrated the techniques used in the different forms of wellness at her office and the workplace. She projected a calmness of spirit and is incredibly intuitive. That made everyone feel very comfortable. After this session, I contacted Inga of Pathway to Bliss to relieve stress in my life. I have been seeing Inga on a regular basis ever since. I am ecstatic at the progress I have made and the way I feel right now. I would recommend Inga without a moment of hesitation!”
- Patricia Pivetta, Netzero

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Reiki and Massage Testimonials

“Pathway to Bliss gets all my recommendations as the best company for providing great chair massage and reiki. What an experience!”
- Michael Groves, Managing Director, Oak Hills Spring Water

“So aptly named Pathway to Bliss! A massage with Inga is an absolutely amazing experience!!  Inga's magical fingers massage & soothe, working out all the kinks that stress has added to my shoulders. An added bonus is, Inga does Reiki too & I was amazed at how you can actually feel the heat over parts of your body that need healing.” 
- Zerina Pai, Human Resources, Cadbury

“Receiving Reiki was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Being in agony from a severe back injury, Inga's Reiki session calmed my mind and body to a point where copping with the pain was possible. The peace and serenity I felt after the session was indescribable. From a non-believer and a skeptic Inga has turned me in to a believer. Thank you so much.”
- Eric S., Owner, PCS

“Pathway to Bliss has demonstrated their professionalism through providing wellness information sessions within seniors programs, run an organized and confidential service, and have had returning clients who have voiced how they have benefitted from their chair massage and reiki sessions. With so many seniors confronted with chronic conditions at this time in their life. I am pleased to say Pathway to Bliss will continue to provide this ongoing service for the residents for years to come. They love it!”
- Susan Bird, Activation/Volunteer Manager, Oakville Senior Citizens Residence

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Coaching Testimonials

“After going through a difficult time in my life, Inga gave me some incredible coaching that allowed me to see the picture more clearly. She is extremely talented in under covering layers of people and their behavior, and able to shred away the complexity of human's, to allow us to see the simplicity of ourselves and our life. Her work is magic! I would highly recommend Inga for coaching in many areas of life, career, relationships, and personal coaching.”
- Kit Neil, Sales Consultant, The Cruise Professionals

“I have changed so much and am thrilled about the results I am continuing to get, just by having changed my perspective on things at work and in my life. I got so much out of our coaching sessions together.”
- Lucy, Production Coordinator

“It is with the utmost respect and admiration that I recommend Inga of Pathway To Bliss for her incredible coaching skills. As a life coach and spiritual guide, Inga has assisted me in understanding and overcoming some major obstacles in my life. I have gained so much clarity for the actions I now am taking in my life. Asking me powerful questions and sharing her knowledge and wisdom, has helped me achieve a healthy balance in my life.”
- Cindy, Executive Assistant

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